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Related post: Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 16:16:55 -0700 (PDT) From: Tom Purser Subject: Order of Light 5Disclaimer: I don't know preteen kid nudists any of the celebrities mentioned in this story, so I don't know what any of their sexual preferences are. This is totally fiction, meaning it's FAKE preteens boys gallery none of it is real, except the boyband N'SYNC. As usual if you ain't 18 or older don't read this, and if you're offended by homosexual acts...why are you here? In any case enjoy the story.Author's Note: J.C.'s thoughts are in the 's, Lances are in the (,)'s and Justin's are in the *'s. any future thought signs will be noted as ru models preteen they come up. Things in ~'s are telepathic conversation.Last time..."Hey leave my man's cookin' alone!" I pantyhose preteen models defended. Chris quieted down and we all sat down and ate the food that Justin had cooked. It wasn't nearly as bad as everyone had said it was going to be, but I won't let him preteen naturisten free cook for me every night either!And now Chapter 5... The night my brother was due to get into town pubescent preteens with his fiance was finally here. We left JC and bad preteen nudes Lance to get the house ready for the mother of the child bbs asian preteen of promise, since she was supposed to stay here until we could get her to headquarters so they could relocate and hide her. Chris and Joey were playing playstation maxwell toplist preteen when Justin and I left for the airport to pick up my brother and his fiance. preteen info guide We drove down there preteen candids links making incest preteen cp small talk along the way. Justin was worried about meeting my brother, not knowing how preteen porn thailand he would accept my boyfriend, not to mention the whole famous thing. We got into the airport, and Justin put on his disguise, which was preteen genitalia size just a hat and some sunglasses he looked really goofy since it was dark out. We got through security. We walked to the gate his flight was unloading from just as the flight was unloading its passengers. I saw my brother and a young lady, pedo preteen rape about 5'7" with blonde hair. She was beautiful. My brother always did have a taste in women. Not that I love preteen bikini like women but it's still good that he has it...It's better than him marrying a hairy beast. The passengers finally start to disperse and I notice something. His fiance is pregnant. "Well that must be why she's marrying him." I thought to myself. I walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around grabbed me in a headlock and gave me a noogie."OUCH!! MY HEAD YOUR KNUCKLES HURT MAN!" I preteen rape movies screamed as my brother continued to try and rub my hair out preteen love pic of my head with his knuckles."SAY IT!" bald preteen Ryan exclaimed."Fine! You're the best brother in the world and I missed you!" I exclaimed. He let me up from the noogie and I just preteen lola magazine kicked his legs out from under him leaving him on the floor. underage preteen pedo "So, how was your trip?""It was fine now help me up." He stated. I helped him up off the floor and turned around to be greeted with confused looks on my brother's fiance's face russian websites preteen as well as on Justin's."What? We're brothers. Brothers do that kind of thing to each other!" we both exclaimed. Justin just rolled his eyes."So, introduce me to your fiance man!" I told him."Well, this lovely lady is my preteen model imagevenue fiance Suzanne, but everyone calls her Suzy." Ryan replied. I walked up and gave her a hug."Welcome to the family Suzy.""So, who's the guy? Your latest trick?" Ryan teased."Actually that's my boyfriend Justin." I replied. Ryan took Justin's hand and shook it."Nice to meet you." Ryan said."Uh, yea same here." Justin stated trying to be nice. *Oh my God. He's young preteen blowjobs a vampire. I little tight preteens bella preteen don't think I should say anything until we are out of the public eye.*"Well let's get ya'lls bags pre teen costumes and book it." I stated walking towards baggage claim. The others followed and model preteen latina Justin looked worried.~What's the matter babe?~ I said to Justin telepathically~Well, don't cause a scene or even let him know you know, but your brother is a vampire. When he grabbed my hand I felt it. I can't believe preteen hair nude you didn't.~ He replied. I almost stopped dead in my tracks, but quickly caught myself and kept nude photos preteens walking trying not to cause suspicion to my brother and Suzy.~What do you mean? How can nn preteen asians you tell?~ I asked in his mind.~Open yourself up. Feel the energy that surrounds things. Now if dark energy surrounds something it's evil. If the energy feels kind of old and somewhat powerful then it's most likely a vampire. When your brother touched my hand it was confirmed. He was cold and hand uncensored pics preteen no pulse.~ Justin explained in my mind. I did as Justin instructed. Sure enough I felt preteen blowjob pedo a dark energy around my brother.~You were preteen anime video right. What should we do?~ I asked.~Well, we just have to act lollipop porn preteen normal until we privat preteen model get out of public.~ Justin replied.~But doesn't he know who we are?~ I naked preteen x asked.~well he probably knows who you are shy preteen net but doesn't think you know yet, and he doesn't know who I am fully yet preteens fotos model so he probably doesn't realize who I am. You think that his fiance knows?~~probably not she preteen years nude doesn't seem litlle sex preteen to, and she's not evil.~~ok, let's just get their bags and take them to the training center~ we ended our conversation as we got to baggage claim. We found their stuff and Justin and I carried it out preteen eroticstories to the car. We put it into the trunk and got into the car. The drive back to the training center was silent. We pulled up, Justin and I got out and so did my brother and Suzy."You guys live here? It's so big!" Suzy exclaimed. Justin took off his hat and sunglasses. "Oh my GOD! DO YOU KNOW WHO masha preteen foot YOU ARE?!" she yelled."Yea, I do. It's kind of hot preteens net hard to preteens non forget at times." He joked."I knew you looked familiar." Ryan said, giving Justin a dirty look. Justin just shrugged it preteen midgets off, and walked inside. I got the panties bras preteen bags out of the trunk and started towards the door. thumbs preteen free Suzy's mouth dropped."How can you lift all that? It's HEAVY!" she questioned."I'm just strong I guess." I replied. I walked in the door and the rest of the guys gawked at me too.~what? It's just some luggage.~ free preteen tiny I said to all nubile preteen pussy the preteen model preg guys.~Yea, but you shouldn't be able preteen girl flashes to lift so much. You're just the elemental. You have nn preteen udewear to strength of Josh!~ Lance replied.~Oh. Well that explains the gawking. Oh by the my naked preteen way my brother's a preteen baby's panties vamp. I just found out so figure out what to do.~ I told the hard preteen pics guys~yea we already know Justin told us just a minute ago.~ Joey replied. I walked up into the spare room and set their luggage down. I walked out of the spare room just as Suzy walked in.~Oh my God! SHE'S THE banned sites preteen ONE!~ Lance exclaimed. My brother's face suddenly warped into a vampire's face and he grabbed Suzy by the throat."I know you all knew who I was by now! You won't take her! She's mine the child will be raised in darkness!" Ryan exclaimed holding Suzy in preteen old 13 his arms as she cried."Ryan you don't want to do this!" I yelled."Oh yes I do lil' bro and there ain't a oldman fuck preteen thing you can do about it." Ryan yelled back as he started backing out of the door. "Stupid Order of Light always interfering." He mumbled. I filled my hands with fire and raised into the air."LET HER GO NOW!" I yelled in a deeper voice than usual. The earth began to shake under him as I spoke. He stumbled a preteen movi horny preteens pics bit and loosened his grip on Suzy. Chris teleported between Ryan and mafia sex preteens Suzy and knocked Ryan away from Suzy real naked preteen and teleported her back to were the guys were. I shot fire at preteen nude boys Ryan and he turned to dust. I came down to the ground and started to cry almost immediately. Justin ran to me just as I bbs sandra preteen collapsed on the ground crying uncontrollably."I just killed my brother!" I wept. Justin held me."No, your brother was already dead. You just released his soul." preteen model underage Justin explained trying to comfort me. It wasn't working, because in my mind I had just killed my brother, even if I did know deep down that is what had to be done, but he was still my brother no matter what form preteen erotic literature he was in. I was crying so hard, and Justin just sat there rocking me back and forth trying to comfort me. The other guys cast the spells to protect Suzy. Justin had finally calmed me down and I preteen lola porn had stopped preteen girlpics crying and accepted my brother's death. I walked into the living room to see Suzy sleeping on the couch. The guys got up and blog nude preteen said that they were sorry for my loss, and stuff like that. We heard a loud boom come from legal naked preteen the front door. We turned and looked for the preteenz tight pussy source of the school preteen nude noise. It was a group of demons knocking at the front door trying to get through the barrier. We ran preteen pix free into the locker room and changed into out fighting clothes in preparation for the battle that will occur. We got back out in time to see some monk looking demons finish knocking a hole in the wall and the demons come pouring in through the door. Justin and I start knocking some of them back out the door with gusts of wind. JC was cutting demons apart left and right with his sword. Lance and Chris were blocking the living room where Suzy was. Joey was morphing his body into different objects to kill off the demons that were heading towards the preteen fashion pis living room, in hopes of keeping art girl preteen the number of demons Chris and Lance were fighting low polish preteen model enough art nudes preteens for them to handle. I took to the air and started flying around crushing demons with boulders and burning them to ashes. Justin was throwing lightening killing numerous demons. All we have to do is keep the demons off her hard preteens models until the elders can be sure that they can keep her from being tracked. The demons kept attacking us. Eventually the barrier came down completely we were being attacked on all sides. Chris teleported Suzy sweet naked preteen and russain preteen model Lance upstairs into a room with only one door to keep from being surrounded. JC, Justin, Joey, and myself just guarded all the routes upstairs to keep the demons from making it up stairs. After several hours of doing battle with demons they started to retreat. JC preteen children pic and Joey killing off the last few that thought they had a chance. Justin and I walked upstairs to check on Lance, Chris, and Suzy. We got to the room to see some goo, 3d hentai preteens and a woman screaming. Suzy was in labor. We ran to Suzy's side. "Here squeeze my hand when it hurts." 12 preteen I exclaimed."Come on push just one more time." Lance preteen toon links calmly said."Breathe." Justin said as Suzy pushed the infant out. The baby started to cry upon its black nude preteens entry preteen are sexy into the world. Lance cleaned the child off with a towel that was nearby. Lance passed preteensex photos his hand over the child, which instantly cut and sealed the umbilical cord. Lance then wrapped the baby and handed the baby boy to Suzy. Well the baby was born into darkness like the prophecy foretold, seeing as nude danish preteens the room was very dark. That just proves that this child is the child of promise."So, what are ya gonna name it? I suggest Chris." Chris stated."I think I'm going to name it in honor of the man who preteen gallery pubic delivered it. James." Suzy replied. Lance blushed slightly."Well he certainly doesn't look like mature preteen pics a god to be." Justin joked. Just then a portal opened and Oracle stepped out of it."Job very well done guys. We have found a way to hide her location. The baby and his mother will live out full lives in the light of good." She said. "Suzanne, please follow me." Then oracle walked back through the portal and Suzy followed with her baby in her arms. nn preteen sex The portal closed. I turned to look at the guys."Sure, they come get her AFTER the big battle! free pic preteens Seems fair to me!" I said with preteen slut whores sarcasm in my voice. Josh and Joey walked into the room."Eww, what's this goo I just stepped in"? Joey exclaimed."Suzy had her baby." I preteen x underage replied. preteen porn tube "That's birth goo." We all laughed."So where are they now?" Josh asked."Oh, Oracle came and got them and is taking them to their new preteen collection home." Lance answered."Oh, ok. Well let's get cleaned up and changed." Josh said. We all left the room and headed towards the locker room. After washing up and changing Justin and I said we were tired and that we were going to bed. Joey and Chris played playstation, young pussy preteen and Lance and Josh read horsefucking preteens some on the child that Lance had just delivered. That's it for this chapter. There's gonna be some unexpected twists in the next few chapters. Hope ya'll liked the story so far. Keep reading. E-mail me preteens girls galleries or you can AIM me diablo19666
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